Human Values & Prof. Ethics-1

 Human Aspirations:

Our basic aspirations are happiness (mutual fulfilment) and prosperity (mutual prosperity). Happiness is ensured by the relationships with other human beings and prosperity is ensured by working on physical facilities.

  • Right Understanding: This refers to higher order human skills – the need to learn and utilize our intelligence most effectively.
  • Good Relationships: This refers to the interpersonal relationships that a person builds in his or her life – at home, at the workplace and in society.
  • Physical Facilities: This includes the physiological needs of individuals and indicates the necessities as well as the comforts of life. It means the feeling of having or being able to have more physical facilities than is needed.

In order to resolve the issues in human relationships, we need to understand them first, and this would come from ‘right understanding of relationship’. Similarly in order to be prosperous and to enrich nature, we need to have the ‘right understanding’. The ‘right understanding’ will enable us to work out our requirements for physical facilities and hence correctly distinguish the difference between wealth and prosperity. With nature as well, we need to understand the harmony in nature, and how we can complement this harmony.

Physical Facilities:

Physical facilities are necessary and complete for animals, while they are necessary but not complete for humans. It is easy to verify.


For Animals: Animals need physical things to survive, mainly to take care of their body. For example; cow will look for food when it is hungry. Once it gets the grass or fodder. It eats it, sits around to chew at leisure. Hence, we can say that as long as animals have physical things, they are largely fine. They don’t desire other things like knowledge or a peaceful animal society or getting a good MBA.

For Humans: While physical facilities are necessary for human beings, they are not complete by themselves to fulfil our needs. Our needs are more than just physical facilities. We all have other needs, other plans, perhaps we think of going to a movie or reading a book, or go to college, or watch some TV, or spend time with family and friend. This list is endless. Thus it is easy to see that while physical facilities are necessary for us human beings, they are not complete by themselves to fulfil our needs. Hence we can say that For Animals – “Physical facilities are necessary and complete.” For humans— “Physical facilities are necessary but not complete.”