Our story
We adopt a culture of experimentation and wholeheartedly prioritize our clients, guided by a dedication to excellence.
A bit of history

Back in 2012, the seeds of a remarkable journey were sown in the minds of two college students, Jack and John. Fueled by dreams of creating something extraordinary, their aspirations took flight, setting the stage for a journey filled with innovation and possibility.

Our Culture

We cultivate a culture built on trust, collaboration, and honesty, inspiring one another to unleash our most creative and thoughtful ideas.

We celebrate the symphony of minds when each individual adds their unique note. Inclusion strengthens our chorus, amplifying our impact and enriching the solutions we create. In this tapestry of perspectives, no thread is too small, for together, we weave a future of innovation and brilliance.

Digital products

Skedsoft's journey defies convention, forging a unique path that honed our edge. Through this unconventional evolution, we've woven a tapestry of diverse skills, encompassing both creative artistry and strategic prowess.

Every lesson fuels the fire, every product a radiant ember. We paint masterpieces of joy, learning our way towards brilliance with each brushstroke.

Our values

As a startup rooted in strong values, we collaborate closely with clients who resonate with our principles. Together, we craft successful products that not only bring joy but also contribute positively to the world.

Be Human
Be yourself and recognise it in others.

Learn together
Rely on each other and get curious.

Raise the bar
Good enough doesn't cut it, always push forward.

Use the freedom
We can control the future and make it what we want.

Enjoy the journey
Celebrate, even when we fail.
Equal opportunity

We encourage a genuine variety of perspectives and are dedicated to establishing a work environment that embraces individuals of all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, physical abilities, attributes, and religious beliefs. Our goal is to make everyone feel valued for their unique qualities, included, and provide them with the opportunity to flourish and develop.

"In the dance of life, equality is the rhythm that empowers every step."

Y. A. Wish