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Our focus is on people, and we strive to contribute positively to the world.
Enjoy the liberty and independence to make decisions that you believe are optimal.
You'll collaborate with some of the most skilled and intelligent individuals in your career, all of whom genuinely care about others. Despite our capabilities, we maintain a lighthearted approach, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the journey.
We work hybridly

We adopt a forward-thinking work approach that harmonizes the strengths of both realms. Recognizing the significance of flexibility and adaptability in today's dynamic landscape, we have established an environment that enables individuals to smoothly shift between remote work and collaborative efforts in our offices.

With five attractive office locations worldwide, we offer the space for skedians to come together, collaborate, and cultivate robust working relationships.

We want to nurture and grow our industry

We are dedicated to propelling innovation and nurturing knowledge exchange within the tech industry. Whether through conferences, workshops, hackathons, or networking sessions, our events offer valuable opportunities for learning, collaboration, and building professional connections.

We hold the belief that uniting the tech community can spark creativity, foster meaningful connections, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the industry.

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